Deadline Approaching for Influencers in Multifamily Actual Property

Multifamily Property

Commercial real estate remains among the hardest hit industries impacted by Covid-19. No sector seems to stand immune against the crisis, including the industry’s golden child, multifamily real estate.

Professionals within the sector, have been navigating the marketplace and economy, alongside everyone else, while also dealing with rent relief options for tenants, eviction moratoriums, forbearance options, shifting valuations, modified underwriting requirements and unpaid rent.

Though the commercial real estate segment benefited from constant demand in the past, its professionals are learning to adapt to the evolving, ongoing situation. As the crisis continues to upend the market, multifamily professionals are working to persevere through innovative maneuvers, such as increasingly moving deals off-market.

Due to its long-standing fundamentals and the talents of its professionals, multifamily real estate remains one of the better-positioned asset classes within the industry

As these professionals expertly handle the dynamics of the space and deal with the ups and downs of the market, they continue to create a notable mark on the industry every day.

Through a deep understanding of the market, they work not only provide necessary shelter to citizens through major transformative neighborhood projects, community-shaping mixed-use developments, conceptualized affordable housing plans and more, but furthermore, they reimagine historic landmarks, transform eyesores into multifamily plans, orchestrate substantial transactions, seek approvals from municipalities and secure capital for projects throughout the nation.

GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is looking to shine a spotlight on the people and firms who assist in shaping the multifamily market during this unprecedented time. For commercial real estate’s Influencers in Multifamily Real Estate, we are seeking professionals who continue to drive the market’s spectacular performance.

Within this next installment of our Influencer series, we will profile not only the pioneers who have made an impact with their individual efforts, but also the teams and entire organizations which have become critical to the industry. These individuals, teams and companies have a recognizable and significant impact on the business, be it through their contributions to the industry, the vast successes they’ve racked up in completing deals and projects, or the innovations and best practices they’ve introduced to the business. These game-changers have established themselves as market leaders through their direct and indirect actions. The deadline for nominations is July 17. To apply, click here.





What information/data will I need to apply?

The complete nomination form, including all questions and word limits, is available on the series FAQs page. Please note that this is for preparation purposes only. Final entries must be submitted online, via the Nominate Now webpage.

Who may apply?

The form is open to any individual or organization whose primary business is in Multifamily real estate and related fields, such as law, research, design and consulting.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes. We accept self-nominations, as well as third-party submissions.

I was selected as a Multifamily Influencer last year. Can I apply again this year? To avoid redundancy, we try to vary the Influencers that we profile from year to year. However, this is limited to the type of nomination that you are submitting. For instance, if your organization or team was previously selected as an Influencer, you may submit again this year as an individual. Conversely, if you were chosen as an individual Influencer last year, you may be nominated as part of a team or company, this year. In either case, your nomination must include updated information that does not mirror the previous year’s submission. You may view 2019’s Influencers in Multifamily, here.

When will the issue come out?

The Influencers Multifamily Real Estate will be profiled in the October 2020 Career issue of Real Estate Forum. Influencers will also gain recognition on

Is there a fee to apply?

No. Submission to this, as well as all of our editorial content, is free.


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