Levi’s Plaza Sells in One of many Largest Offers in Metropolis Historical past


The 930,000 square meter Levi & # 39; s Plaza is located at 1155 Battery St. and is 99% let to Levi Strauss (credit: foundsf).

SAN FRANCISCO – Levi Strauss & Co.'s nine-building headquarters were sold to Atlanta-based developer Jamestown. A partnership with developer Gerson Bakar and Associates sold the complex for an undisclosed price, although it is believed to be more than $ 800 million.

The 930,000 square meter complex is located at 1155 Battery Street and is 99% let to Levi Strauss through 2022. The newly listed company has occupied the space since its establishment in 1982.

Jamestown also owns Ghirardelli Square.


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