New Growth Providers Agency Takes on Retail and Hospitality Areas

New Development Services Firm Takes on Retail and Hospitality Spaces

A new development service company Fathom has started to focus on retail and hospitality space. The company will bring a creative perspective to these projects and will work with developers from site selection to expansion. The company has architecture and branding expertise so it can help with a wide range of development needs, from construction and design management to budgeting.

"Fathom Development Services was formed as an outside owner's agent to help startups and established brands launching new locations or otherwise expanding." Anthony Dimaggio, SVP for development services at Fathom, says “We have a comprehensive understanding of real estate, site appraisals, leasing, design and construction. Therefore, we look at each project in a unique way with our combined experience not only to support the project but to steer it throughout the process. We delve into each project so we fully understand our customers' needs and they can rely on our instructions and advice. "

Retail and hospitality industries have evolved over the past decade. Fathom intends to create bespoke spaces that reflect the needs of today's users. “Many of the rooms we work on have a bespoke design that is tailored to each room and use,” says Dimaggio. “We work with our clients, interior designers and architects to develop a plan that corresponds to a program for the space. The design aesthetic is woven into each space and conforms to the brand while adhering to the overall target budget and schedule. Our process is iterative; We get back to schedule and cost at every step to develop the best functional designed spaces. "

Of course, the pandemic has also changed strategy for retail and hospitality. "The pandemic will change the strategy for retail and hospitality, as companies first visit the locations and the area again," says Dimaggio. “Most of our customers are looking beyond the pandemic and staying true to their core business, but are aware of the economic impact that may linger in the future. Therefore, the space is used differently and future flexibility is made possible, as needs and possibilities can change. "

The company is already working on a handful of projects that reflect its vision. This includes the Modern Animal and Acupuncture ORA veterinary store in North Hollywood. "Fathom was fortunate enough to initially work with retail, fitness, wellness, food and beverage establishments, and medical facilities," says Dimaggio. “We have built a reputation as a company that goes deep and gets it. This leads to every type of project we are working on. In the future, we plan to develop a team that will continue to serve existing customers while expanding into residential improvement, hospitality and larger non-tenant projects. We'd also like to work with developers and retailers to connect the two and bring a full branding experience to both parties on a project. "


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