Land Providing Might Effectively be California’s Present Largest

Ashurst Ranch

Ashurst Ranch is located at 15970 New Idria Rd. Approximately 60 miles south of Hollister.

PAICINES, CA – California's Central Valley Ashurst Ranch is primarily located in San Benito County, but extends into Fresno County. The 58,154-acre cattle ranch is currently on the market at a cost of $ 17.5 million.

Cushman & Wakefield was hired by Rancho Mountain Properties to market the property for sale. Matt Davis, Terry Jackson, and Curtis Buono, of the company's agribusiness solutions team in San Diego, are working with Todd Renfrew of California Outdoor Properties to lead the disposition marketing efforts.

“Ashurst Ranch has a long history, starting with John Ashurst, a pioneering California rancher. In the early 1900s, the ranch played an important role in the local community by providing beef to the nearby mining town of New Idria, ”says Davis. “Today the ranch offers fertile winter pastures and is still an integral part of California's livestock industry. All the improvements are in place to support a livestock operation while the property benefits from an extensive water system with storage tanks, troughs, springs and wells that provide livestock and service water to the ranch. "

Located at 15970 New Idria Rd. About 60 miles south of Hollister, the property consists of 27,944 acres of land spread over 118 parcels, along with the added benefit of 30,210 acres of pasture leases from the Bureau of Land Management divided into two as Ashurst Ranch (12,406 acres) allotted to Silver Creek (17,804 acres).

"Whether an investor looking to maintain prosperity through a stable real estate investment or a rancher looking to expand their business, potential buyers will recognize that productive stocks of this size are rarely available for sale in California, which makes this a truly extraordinary and unique opportunity. " Davis tells

He says the offering matters not only to its potential, but also to its size.

"To our knowledge, this offering is also the largest offering currently available in the state of California at 58,154 acres," said Davis.

The ranch is fenced and cross-fenced and has a substantial bearing capacity averaging 4,500 mixed herds of cows and forage – last season supported 5,100. The ranch also has numerous improvements, including two houses, two mobile homes, two sets of stables, charging pens, fences, irrigation, and an unused airstrip.

"Of all the awe-inspiring features of the ranch, from its breathtaking topography and landscape to its usefulness as a livestock farm combined with its recreational potential, its size at the heart of California's ranching is most compelling." Jackson tells

The property also invites the opportunity for various recreational or oil uses, he says.

"There may be an opportunity for a new owner to make capital investments in the oil wells to increase production and revenue," added Jackson. "The oil resource is being managed by the seller who intends to transfer all underground rights to the property they control to a potential buyer."

According to a second quarter research report by Cushman & Wakefield, the volume of new home deliveries in recent years, which is fundamentally modernizing the market's building base, particularly in Stockton and Modesto, is essential to the history of the Central Valley industrial market. Since 2010, deliveries have been made on an area of ​​20.1 million square feet, an 18.7% increase in the area's building base. There are currently 6.9 million square feet under construction. Of these projects, 5.8 million square feet will be speculatively built, with the pipeline likely to grow with new projects at various stages of the planning. While some of these projects are unlikely to be pre-published, given the huge demands in the area, they will generate even more interest, says Cushman & Wakefield.


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