Corporations Suppose Out of the Field to Safeguard Residents

Firms Think Out of the Box to Safeguard Residents

HOUSTON – In response to COVID-19 and in anticipation of the flu season, Apartment Manager LYND offers long-term antimicrobial protection against germs such as bacteria, molds and viruses. To this end, the company disinfects ViaClean Technologies' BioprotectUs system to disinfect its 20,000 residential units and public areas.

"With coronavirus, it's like we all just ran into Jaws and now we need confirmation that it's safe to get back in the water," said A. David Lynd, CEO of LYND. "The housing industry must find a solution that disinfects our assets and protects our residents so that they can have the confidence and certainty that their living environment is healthy and free of harmful germs."

BioprotectUs comprises a range of EPA registered and FDA compliant technologies that disinfect surfaces and rooms. LYND chose the system because it contains Bioprotect, a water-based antimicrobial treatment.

"I believe technologies like the BioprotectUs system are essential to helping companies in all industries make the long journey to recovery and normalcy as quickly as possible," said Lynd. “For example, retail companies need to make their customers feel safe when touching a product, and hotel guests need to feel that everything in a guest room, especially the bed, is free of harmful germs such as bacteria and viruses. Due to the coronavirus, we will never again take cleanliness and protection against harmful germs for granted. "

LYND introduced the system as part of the LYND Clean Living program. LYND's existing pest control company will electrostatically spray every residential unit and public area including gyms, laundry rooms and pools on a quarterly basis.

"The system has been well received by residents," Lynd told “These efforts included retraining in the use of powerful chemicals. We use a product that is 99.9% effective in all bacteria and numerous viruses, 100% harmless to residents, and approved for food surfaces to keep our residents as safe as possible. "

The BioprotectUs system uses patented technologies to modify surfaces and provides such surfaces with disinfection and permanent antimicrobial long-term protection (up to 90 days) that can kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi and algae in public health, according to the company Website exist on many everyday surfaces.

"LYND will now also be able to take further preventive measures to provide residents with greater security that the surfaces in their rooms are being protected or treated from the spread and growth of harmful germs and that problematic bacteria and viruses are inhibited from growing "said Jim Young, general manager, chairman and managing partner of ViaClean Technologies.

LYND manages 60 residential properties in 11 states and 17 metropolitan areas.


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