The Cities Finest Ready for Telework

The Cities Best Prepared for Telework

Prior to the pandemic, 43% of the American workforce had seen teleworking, according to Gallup. Since then, COVID has made remote working the new norm for people across the country

As many workers are no longer tied to their offices, they may be looking for new places to live. However, some cities are better equipped than others to deal with this influx of workers.

STORAGECafé recently identified the USA. Subways that have the best technical basis for digital workers in a blog post.

"The share of the tech economy in a city's GDP, the percentage of workers employed in tech companies and the growth of the tech industry over the last 10 years determine a city's willingness to embrace the digital economy," said STORAGECafé on the blog. "The more a city invests in technology, the more attractive it becomes to technicians and then to teleworkers."

In the study, STORAGECafé found that coastal cities are best prepared for teleworking. San Jose, California was ranked the top city for teleworking, followed by San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, and San Diego. Detroit, Portland, and Raleigh were rated as the next best cities for remote workers.

According to STORAGECafé, San Jose, home to Apple, HP, Google, and Adobe, has a technology sector that generates 58% of its GDP, which translates into an economic impact of $ 184.7 billion. With 32.8% of the city's total workforce employed in the technical field, it was no surprise to STORAGECafé that it was the top city for teleworkers.

STORAGECafé examined the impact of technology on the local economy, the tech industry's percentage of GDP, the estimated net tech employment in 2019 and the percentage of the workforce in the tech and tech industries from 2010 to 2019, around the List of 10 Top Companies to Create Cities for Teleworkers.

While technical infrastructure plays a bigger role in teleworkers' decision, price also plays a big role. Apartment List noted this in its most recent quarterly tenant migration report Workers moved to more affordable cities such as Sacramento, California; and Richmond, Virginia.

“The new normal in 2021 and beyond may be commuting to the office once or twice a week. If so, smaller cities within 100 miles of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City will thrive in the near future, ”said Igor Popov, Chief Economist at Apartment List.


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