The Good Combine: Politics and Comedy

The Perfect Mix: Politics and Comedy

"It's 7 a.m. and I look at my cell phone and it says" Will the Comedian ". That's how I saved his name," said Ms. Connor, who graduated from N.Y.U. and received a Masters Degree in Elections and Campaign Management from Fordham.

"It took me a few seconds to remember who he was," she said.

They were soon back in touch and Ms. Connor made an appointment with Mr. Carey, who now works in content operations at Stitcher Radio, a podcasting network in New York, in a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan. He's still a stand-up comedian as well as the producer and host of the podcast "Between Awesome and Disaster".

"I had only spoken to her personally once at Carolines, but I had a better conversation with her than I had ever had with any other woman," said Mr. Carey. who studied at Towson University.

"She had a certain determined attachment that obviously came from working in the world of politics," he said, "and I found that very attractive."

They began to date each other steadily. In October 2018 they went on a trip to Southeast Asia. On a rainy day, they climbed Elephant Mountain in Taipei, Taiwan, and after reaching the summit cliff, Mr. Carey suggested when other climbers around them started cheering.

They were married on September 9 in an outdoor ceremony at Gantry State Park in Long Island City, Queens, in front of five guests, including their officer, Samuel Zelitch, who became Secretary of the American Marriage Ministries for the event. The couple originally planned to get married May 23 at the Brooklyn Cider House with 178 guests, but the coronavirus forced them to cancel.


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