New Amazon Deal Bolsters In-Unit Good Expertise

New Amazon Deal Bolsters In-Unit Smart Technology

The intelligent technology in the unit is gaining momentum. RealPage Companies STRATIS IoThas teamed up with a technology platform that connects smart home systems for apartments with personal devices Alexa for residential real estate by Amazon. The partnership offers voice access for the STRATIS IoT platform via Alex-enabled devices. As a result, the participating residents have voice control over more than a million devices that are already managed by STRATIS IoT.

The program is started with echo dots in each unit that are preconfigured to interface with STRATIS IoT. In the first phase of the program, Amazon Echo Dots will be implemented in 303 units on a Greystar property in Denver, Colorado. After moving in, residents can access smart apartment features such as keyless entry, smart lights and more on their devices and via voice control. When moving out, the tenants are automatically disconnected from the device. This is a big step forward in providing residents seamless access to smart home technology during the term of the lease.

Smart technology has slowly made its way into the housing market. A National Apartment Association survey Late last year it was found that 62% of homeowners are focused on installing smart home devices at the unit level. Smart locks, lighting, and electronic billing, in particular, are the first smart technologies to make it into residential units and the ones that residents are looking for the most. The survey also found that all age groups are interested in smart home technology, be it for convenience, control, or efficiency. More importantly, the smart technology in the unit is a way for owners to attract and retain local residents. In some cases, these features can result in higher rental rates.

During the pandemic, smart functions were not only a love of convenience, but also a necessity. Smart home technologies have contributed to this give secure access to units via smart locks and have enabled owners to safely view and show apartments through virtual tours. In many ways, these properties kept owners in business during the pandemic. The smart technology trend originally started in the single family home market and helped owners show multiple homes in a day. During the pandemic, homeowners used similar techniques to display units.

Earlier this month RealPage acquired STRATIS IoT is one of the world's largest integrators of intelligent devices with use in 380,000 residential units.

The new partnership between STRATIS IoT and Amazon is the first platform to offer fleet management solutions for Amazon Alexa products and underscores STRATIA IoT's mission to develop a global platform. The company currently operates US, Japan, UK, EU and Latin America.


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