Amazon Is Opening 100 New Distribution Facilities This Month

Amazon Is Opening 100 New Distribution Centers This Month

While e-commerce continues to flourish, Amazon is growing.

The retail giant is opening 100 new distribution centers this month, according to Dave Clark, senior vice president of global operations at Amazon.

These new centers are the continuation of Amazon's aggressive growth this year. To date, Amazon has opened over 75 new fulfillment, sorting centers, regional air transport hubs and delivery stations in the US and Canada.

Amazon is also hiring an additional 100,000 regular job opportunities in the US and Canada. It was announced last week that it will add 33,000 corporate and technology jobs. The roles offer a starting wage of at least $ 15 an hour. In select cities, Amazon is offering sign-up bonuses of up to $ 1,000 to new hires.

While companies like Target and Walmart have made strides in e-commerce, Amazon is Advantage in construction According to a report by CoStar Advisory Services, what sets the company apart from the competition is its purely online delivery platform.

Amazon's lead will likely translate into a long-term position as the number one online platform, making it an integral part of the sales asset class. With 180 million square feet of sales offices in the country, Amazon is way ahead of Walmart at around 140 million square feet and Target at less than 60 million square feet.

"Although Walmart plus Sam & # 39; s Club and Target are 4.6 times and 1.5 times the size of Amazon, Amazon is more efficient at using real estate," said Juan Arias, senior consultant at CoStar Advisory Services. "In the US, Amazon's sales are roughly $ 600 per square foot of retail and distribution space, 34% higher than Walmart and 120% higher than Target."

As these big players expand in the storage space, You will keep investing in automation. "You had to go through a critical mass of products and be a fairly large company to make this investment," said Rich Thompson, international director of supply chain and logistics at JLL.

NKF Chairman Thad Mallory points to companies like Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot that are leaders in automation.

"These companies are going to double their investments because they're making money, gaining more market share, and coming out stronger on the other side," says Mallory. "I don't think they'll be afraid to make an extra investment."


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