Water Options Improve Property Worth

Water Features Enhance Property Value

Water features are becoming a popular amenity in multi-family, office, and retail properties. You have the opportunity to increase the ROI, the property value and the length of stay or rental of a property accordingly OTL, a design and construction company for water features. In fact, many of these properties can use water features as an integrated marketing tool, according to the company.

“Adding a beautifully designed water feature to a mixed-use or retail property automatically draws people as individuals tend to be drawn to the aesthetics of those amenities. Humans have a natural affinity for water because of its mood-enhancing, health-promoting and stress-relieving effects. " J. Wickham Zimmerman, CEO of OTL, told GlobeSt.com. "Multi-family, office, mixed-use and retail properties with water features offer these advantages directly for the people in which they live, work, shop or gather."

These functions can become a marketing tool as they serve as a real estate focus. As a result, people are actually looking for these traits. "These water elements can also act as a focal point for reflection or even photo capture for social media, making them an integrated marketing tool for these properties," says Zimmerman. “While people initially come for the property, they often stay for the exquisite, ornate fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and rock carvings. As customers linger longer, they are also more likely to visit nearby shops and restaurants and ultimately increase their purchases from these properties. "

An example is a four-well feature in the Halo in the Bunker Hill neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. The property is located in the former Wells Fargo Center in downtown Los Angeles and has been completely renovated. "During the renovation, we were asked to complete a series of artfully inspired water features as part of the renovation of an existing sculpture garden in Halo's courtyard," said Zimmerman. “The atrium is called Graham Garden and features sculptures by the late artist Robert Graham. We worked closely with senior landscape architect GGN, the artist's son, Stephen Graham, and the project's culture and visual arts coordinator, Karen Amiel, to design and build four architectural fountains that will serve as the basis for the bronze sculptures Author gymnast serving in the garden. "

These functions can also be used to incorporate public art into projects in downtown Los Angeles. “These beautiful sculptures, which were originally part of the CRA / LA mission in 1985 to incorporate public art into redevelopment projects and revitalize downtown Los Angeles, are now being upgraded with the custom fountain bases and will likely ultimately attract crowds from the surrounding area ROI and increasing the value of the property, ”says Zimmerman.


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