Lengthy-Time period Modifications Anticipated in Use of House

Long-Term Changes Expected in Use of Space

The use of space became of immediate importance for tenants and landlords during the COVID-19. In "Use of Space and the Built Environment", published in the latest edition of Real Estate Issues by The Counselors of Real Estate, authors Tomáš Ctibor, CRE, and Thomas Wootten, CRE, predict:

  • Instead of the old retail formats, the designs focus on walkability and the integration of uses to allow for continued normality with subsequent lock orders. Deliberate design will combine social connectedness with physical distancing, integrating residential, office, retail and public spaces in a way that resembles the design of older European cities.
  • Suburban office buildings are being invested again in a way that has not been seen for many years.
  • The focus on mechanical systems will lead to redesign and reconstruction projects to improve air quality and reduce the transmission of airborne particles.
  • The increasing convenience of the public in shopping for groceries online will reduce the need for large format grocery stores as consumers move to smaller specialty stores and establish direct connections with food manufacturers.


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