REALTOR® Exercise Throughout Two Itemizing Platforms

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To better understand where NAR members fit into the picture compared to other commercial practitioners, we analyzed REALTORS®'s operations on two commercial listing platforms – Brevitas and CREXi. We examined the property type, list price, price per square foot, building and lot size, and geographic activity of members in the United States.

The analysis found that agents listing properties in both Brevitas and CREXi outperformed agents listed on only a single platform. These top performing sales representatives tended to list more properties and at higher list prices. Of all agents in Brevitas and CREXi, 14% recorded 24% of all market entries on both platforms. REALTORS® made up 49% of all of these top agents and listed 50% of the characteristics of the top agents. REALTOR® top agents have properties listed at an average price of 722,000 USD on Brevitas and 650,000 USD on CREXi. Agents listed on a single platform had a median of $ 580,800 for Brevitas and $ 549,000 for CREXi. These top member agents also outperformed individual platform users in terms of average price per square foot ($ 113 for CREXi versus $ 99). medium building size (11,900 square feet versus 10,000 square feet on Brevitas; 6,500 square feet versus 6,100 square feet on CREXi); and medium lot size (on Brevitas 88 acres versus 85 acres; on CREXi 68 acres versus 53 acres).

In Brevitas, where sales and leasing are combined, REALTORS® has a larger proportion of multi-family houses listed than other users and slightly more land and plots as well as industrial properties. At CREXi Sales, REALTORS® listed more properties and lots as well as slightly more functional buildings compared to other users. At CREXi Leasing, REALTORS® has a larger proportion of commercial, distribution warehouses and professional real estate listed compared to others. With many property types at each location, there was virtually no difference in sharing between REALTORS® and other platform users.

Look forward to your research. In the meantime, check out to see what's available on both platforms.


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