The Sundown Strip Stirs Once more

The Sunset Strip Stirs Again

The edition by Steve Witkoff, a New York developer, was the first new project to open on the Sunset Strip in two decades. Behind it is hotelier Ian Schrager, whose previous projects include Studio 54, the Palladium, and some of the world's earliest and most influential boutique hotels.

John Pawson, the London-based design architect oversaw the edition's austere, minimalist aesthetic. An original Sterling Ruby cell phone, "The Scale," greets visitors as they enter the lobby. The hotel reopened to the public on October 1st.

The edition's residences, few of which are unsold, cost between $ 4 million and $ 30 million and are between 1,600 and 6,400 square feet. All have views of the Hollywood Hills and the Pacific Ocean.

Mr Pawson said he himself celebrated the night on the Sunset Strip many decades ago.

"I can't say I remember well my time in these clubs, but I went to one or the other a long time ago," he said in a telephone interview from his London studio. "The strip has changed a lot, hasn't it?"

All new developments in West Hollywood must reserve 20 percent of their units for affordable housing, and they may also have to pay a fee.

The edition paid a $ 2.2 million fee, and at the Pendry, developers paid a $ 3.5 million fee. It also includes five affordable residential units that are one-bedroom rental apartments.

"We all know very expensive housing units are going to happen, and they will certainly happen in a city like ours," said John D & # 39; Amico, the mayor of West Hollywood. "But we also want to ensure that workers, retirees and the disabled have equal rights."


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