How CRE House owners Are Boosting Outside House

Investment Activity Starts to Rebound in Santa Monica

The pandemic has greatly increased the demand for outdoor areas. Not only do outdoor spaces help protect against the transmission and spread of the coronavirus, but outdoors can also improve people's mood and overall health. Property owners are looking for ways to turn outdoor spaces into desirable amenities. As a result, water feature design and contractor OTL Inquiries from owners for new water features have increased dramatically.

According to the company, that demand is just beginning to flourish. The company expects long-term growth in this area. "The demand for water features in these settings will no doubt continue to grow during the pandemic and into the future." J. Wickham Zimmerman, CEO at OTL, told

It's not just the pandemic that drives the company's business. A recent report from the International Journal of Environmental Health Research shows that being outdoors improves a person's mood, health, and happiness. Health can improve if you only spend 20 minutes outdoors. The survey tracked 94 adults over the summer and fall months and monitored their visits to the park. As developers begin reformatting their health and safety plans, the outdoor space is high on the list. "According to a recent report, people who spend time outdoors have found the quickest way to improve their happiness and health," says Zimmerman. "The report also says that spending time outside has been shown to lower stress, blood pressure, and heart rate, in addition to having positive effects on overall mood and mental health."

In addition to these main benefits, nature is also a way to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, which gives owners a double benefit. "It also encouraged time outdoors to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus," says Zimmerman.

Water features are perfect for owners looking to expand their outdoor space. "The combination of people's attraction to water and the associated benefits of being outdoors makes outdoor water features a win-win amenity for a variety of property types in settings like Graham Garden," says Zimmerman.


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