Apple Expands Specific Retailer Idea

Apple Expands Express Store Concept

To provide consumers with iPhone 12 models during the pandemic, Apple is expanding its Express Store concept. according to to Reuters.

In express shops, a wall with sales counters protected by Plexiglas is built in front of the shop. Stores will have shelves of accessories, including phone cases and AirPods Reuters. Customers can schedule an appointment to pick up items or meet with technicians for customer service.

Apple currently has around 20 Express stores in the US and Europe. Deirdre O’Brien, Apple's senior vice president of retail and employees, told news service that it plans to expand to 50 in both regions by the end of the month.

Smaller format memories are gaining momentum

Apple isn't the only one testing stores with smaller formats.

Jeff Gennette, Chairman and CEO of Macy, said in the company's second quarter 2020 tender will open several smaller formats outside of the mall and will test a smaller format outside the Bloomingdale shopping center. Earlier this year he announced that any Macy store outside of the mall would be picked up and returned.

In March, Target reported that small-format stores contributed more than $ 1 billion in total sales in 2019. That's about half the size of the smallest small-sized store. These stores would help the retailer reach "even more diners in neighborhoods and on college campuses."

In addition, artisan Michaels Introduction of new test-and-learn store concepts in two locations in Texas to improve the shopping experience. The new concept offers customers a complete experience with a variety of new formats, including trend hubs for displaying niche items such as seasonal merchandise, art and custom frames, as well as Maker Spaces, a dedicated area for in-store courses and teacher-led projects.


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