Do I Actually Should Quarantine if I Go to Household for Thanksgiving?

Do I Really Have to Quarantine if I Visit Family for Thanksgiving?

Q: I plan to visit my family in Arlington, Virginia for Thanksgiving. It's a non-stop drive and I'll be staying with relatives who have been very careful. Do I really need to quarantine myself when I return to my Manhattan cooperative? I can't imagine it's riskier than having dinner with the family in Brooklyn or New Jersey.

ONE: As Thanksgiving approaches and people prepare to travel the country (albeit less than usual), cases of Covid-19 are on the rise in a large majority of states, including Virginia and New York. The US is currently reporting an average of more than 100,000 new cases per day, and we are in one of Dr. Deborah L. Birx what was known as the "deadly phase of the pandemic" has occurred.

In New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo expressed his concern about vacation travel and told NY1 on November 6, “When you love someone, say, 'I love you so much that I won't see you this Thanksgiving Day. & # 39; ”

Your plan to reduce the points of contact with other people along your vacation route will certainly reduce the risk of contracting the virus or passing it on to others. However, meeting the family indoors is still considered a high-risk activity. So yes, you should take precautions and follow state rules to keep your neighbors safe when you return.

Before the vacation, Governor Cuomo revised New York's quarantine rules and gave travelers a chance to test out the two-week quarantine period. Under the new guidelines, anyone traveling to New York from a non-contiguous state should take a Covid-19 test three days before leaving for New York. Upon arrival, they must be quarantined in New York for three days. On the fourth day you can do another test. If both tests are negative, they no longer need to be quarantined. (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont travelers are exempt, as these states are considered contiguous. Additional state guidelines can be found here.)

Travelers who have been away from New York for less than 24 hours do not need to be quarantined, so you can keep the visit short. However, if you do need to be quarantined, do not leave your home permanently. Have groceries delivered and leave the rubbish at your door for the building staff to collect.

"Quarantines were generally self-imposed," said Steven D. Sladkus, real estate attorney and partner at Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas law firm in Manhattan, adding that most of the buildings were run on an honorary system. "However, if a building finds that you are not quarantined, they can take action or file a complaint with the state."

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