Bringing Your Story to Life

Bringing Your Story to Life

With the help of a commercial real estate expert, commercial buyers and tenants can find the right spaces to make their vision a reality. This shows three out of five new ads the National Association of REALTORS® published in February.

The spots offer a storytelling approach in which REALTORS® brings customers closer to “future memories”. At 30- and 15-second spots, a woman prepares to tour a storage room that promises to be the perfect place to set up a food bank, where people can give time, work purposefully, and help their neighbors. The spots were shot in an actual food bank, and NAR was able to donate any food used for the shoot, says Karen Bebart, director of consumer branding at NAR.

On the other 15 seconds, a REALTOR® helps a shopper find the space that becomes a busy hair salon. The ads are the latest in NAR's "That's Who We R" consumer advertising campaign. The campaign aims to differentiate REALTORS® from non-members and apps and to inform consumers that REALTORS® operates according to a code of ethics.

The new commercials are part of an integrated campaign that is slated to run through fall 2021 and includes broadcast, video, audio, search, social media and content partnerships.

At, you can view all five ads as well as ad campaign assets that you want to share on your social media channels. There is a short animation for commercial REALTORS®. In addition, from your mobile device, you can use NAR's Photofy app to personalize and share campaign assets with just a few clicks.

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