2nd Circuit Nixes Motel Operator’s Lawsuit Concentrating on Lands’ Finish Over ‘Unsolicited’ Faxes

2nd Circuit Nixes Motel Operator's Lawsuit Targeting Lands' End Over 'Unsolicited' Faxes

junpiiiiiiiiiii / Shutterstock.com

Lands & # 39; End Inc. is not facing a class action lawsuit by a Super 8 motel operator accusing the retailer of sending unsolicited faxes for its products, the U.S. appeals court on the second circuit ruled Thursday.

A unanimous panel of the Manhattan-based appeals court ruled that Gorss Motels Inc., which operated the Super 8 as a franchise of the Wyndham Hotel Group, had "prior express invitation or permission" to receive faxes from Lands & # 39; End and other Wyndham approved suppliers for use in its hotels.


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