‘I’ve By no means Had a Feminine Common Counsel Earlier than’: How La-Z-Boy’s New Chief Lawyer Reached the GC Seat

'I’ve Never Had a Female General Counsel Before': How La-Z-Boy's New Chief Lawyer Reached the GC Seat

Raphael Richmond, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at La-Z-Boy Inc. Photo courtesy

On a recent rainy, windy, and unusually cool Michigan afternoon with her "fabulous but slightly grumpy cat" lurking in the background and ready to go outside, Raphael Richmond was sitting in her kitchen for a video call pondering her way next Legal Chief at La-Z-Boy Inc.

Richmond confided that at the beginning of her career she hadn't even considered becoming General Counsel someday, who all seemed to be men at the time. Of course, her mindset has changed over the years, and now more women and minorities are running the legal departments of top corporations than ever before, although the balance continues to be centered on white men.


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