North Georgia Choose Recuses After Lawyer Cites Opponent’s ‘Appalling Anti-Asian Rhetoric’

North Georgia Judge Recuses After Lawyer Cites Opponent's 'Appalling Anti-Asian Rhetoric'

Gilmer County Courthouse, Ellijay, Georgia. (Photo: Google)

A Gilmer County, Georgia judge resigned after his impartiality was challenged in a bitter dispute between two former business and love affairs partners after one accused his Sino-American ex-lover of being a "Chinese communist apparatchik" and active member of the Chinese Communist Party to be in writing and in court.

Attorneys for the plaintiff, a naturalized American citizen, said Judge John Worcester allowed "appalling anti-Asian rhetoric" to pass without comment. The denial motion also stated that the judge sat on two motions for months and then ruled in favor of the defendant, a Caucasian, three days after receiving a letter from the plaintiff's attorney complaining about the delay.


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