Enterprise Agency Indicators 9 New Innovators

Real Estate Investors Still on the Sidelines

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  • A platform that promises to accelerate development time.
  • A user-friendly software solution for commercial appraisers.
  • A marketplace that enables more people to invest in real estate.

These are among the nine innovations that will be the focus of the REACH Commercial Program 2021. The REACH program identifies technology companies in commercial and residential real estate with high growth potential. Through education, mentoring and market presence, the program helps these companies introduce their products in real estate and related industries. By investing in new and emerging companies through REACH, Second Century Ventures – the strategic investment arm of the National Association of REALTORS® – is helping technology companies gain access to the industry in ways that are beneficial and non-disruptive to REALTORS®.

SCV founded REACH in 2013 and has been represented by REACH Commercial since 2019. REACH Commercial advances technologies that affect all aspects of commercial real estate and gives REALTORS® the opportunity to step into the ground floor with platforms that could radically change the way companies and investors buy, rent, work and live in Commercial real estate. When announcing the nine REACH Commercial companies in April, SCV President and NAR CEO Bob Goldberg described REACH Commercial as "a critical step in our work to ensure that commercial real estate can adapt to and thrive in the markets of the future" .

Together, the companies selected for the 2021 REACH Commercial Program have raised over $ 34 million in capital, employ more than 400 people worldwide, and represent a valuation of $ 200 million. The companies are:

  • Valcre, an end-to-end evaluation software solution
  • Remarkable, a marketing business intelligence platform for apartment building owners and operators
  • Lex Markets, a unique securities market for commercial real estate
  • paraffin, generative on-demand design for optimized designs, budgets and investment models
  • ProDeal, award-winning closing software platform closing
  • Land Intelligenceactionable information for new land development contracts
  • Otso, innovative commercial rental protection for tenants, landlords and brokers
  • Pioneer, an all-in-one investment management software for small to medium-sized commercial real estate investment firms
  • bay, a modern technology service platform to transform the way people interact with their physical environment

"These nine companies were selected from an impressive list of highly qualified candidates," said Tyler Thompson, managing partner of SCV. "We are confident that the nine technologies and the founders who lead them will not only help the market meet post-pandemic challenges, but will also revolutionize the future of real estate."

23 companies have participated in REACH Commercial since 2019. Find out more about REACH trading companies.


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