What’s Subsequent for New York, a Occasions Digital Occasion

What’s Next for New York, a Times Virtual Event

With high population densities, reliance on subway systems, and an abundance of public spaces, many experts predicted the demise of New York – and other similar cities – during the coronavirus pandemic. With vaccination rates rising and many Covid-19 restrictions being relaxed, the city's outlook seems to point towards an easier and more hopeful future, despite the emergence of new variants.

What is the way forward for New York City? How is its revival affecting the comeback of other major cities across the country?

Join us as New Yorkers, including the Democratic candidate for mayoral, Eric Adams, and the playwright and actor Jeremy O. Harris, sit down with Times journalists Astead Herndon, Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Jazmine Hughes, and Ginia Bellafante to find out what the future holds for New York – culturally, financially, and politically.

It's all part of our newest subscription-only event. I look forward to seeing you there.


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