Did the Pandemic Change How You Really feel About New York Metropolis?

Did the Pandemic Change How You Feel About New York City?

It's a moment of transition for New York City.

The Delta variant is still a cause for concern, although the next iteration of our collective and unique response to Covid-19 could be different with a new tour of the city and empowered by the experiences of the past 18 months.

For many, including those of us who still had to go to work every day, the pandemic was a moment when our needs and desires came into focus.

We'd like to hear about the times when you've learned something profound about life in New York City since the pandemic began. Maybe it was a surprise interaction with neighbors or a joint dismissal at your first party. Or maybe after the umpteenth fight with a roommate, you've decided that you need a change of scenery.

Tell us your story.

We may share some of them or post them on the website during our subscribers online event on August 19th on the future of New York City.


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