The Yard Golf Course Can Be Extra Than a Dream

The Backyard Golf Course Can Be More Than a Dream

Take Waterfalling Estate, on the Big Island of Hawaii, owned by a Newport Beach, Calif.,-based attorney, Scott Ferrell, 49, and his 42-year old wife, Erin Ferrell, both of whom are keen players. Six years ago, they were considering buying a mountain home when they chanced on a listing for this luxury property with an unlikely assortment of amenities: a racetrack, a helipad, a two-story slide into an Olympic-size pool from the master bedroom and its own nine-hole golf course, with seven par-3 holes and two par-4s.

“It had everything that a 10-year-old boy would want — the wonder and the magnitude of it was like stumbling on the Hope diamond,” Mr. Ferrell recalled. The estate, he said, had been built on the instruction of an industrialist who wanted to create somewhere his grandchildren would enjoy; it ended up in foreclosure after costs overran. According to public records, Mr. Ferrell bought it for $6.8 million.

Mr. Ferrell often reunites with his two golf-loving brothers on the course there, and he relishes the relaxed freedom of owning the greens. “If you want to play the fourth hole twice in a row? Just do that,” he said. “There’s never anyone behind you, or in front of you, or rushing you in any way. That’s pretty special.”

He has also rented out the complex several times, he said, including to Justin Bieber and CBS Television, which used it as backdrop for the current season of the dating competition show “Love Island.” Reluctantly, though, Mr. Ferrell has decided to sell, listing it with brokerage Hawai’i Life for $9.95 million.

Like the Makowski family, though, he is merely swapping one private golf course for another, or at least making plans for one. The log cabin he has purchased for his family — he and his wife have two young children — sits directly on the Gallatin River in Big Sky, Mont., with ample undeveloped land. “Just this morning, we were discussing whether we should put in our own private nine-tee course there, too,” he said.


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