Can’t Determine What Coloration to Paint Your Partitions? There’s a Guide for That.

Can’t Decide What Color to Paint Your Walls? There’s a Consultant for That.

She charges $ 50 to $ 125 per room for consultations and $ 175 per hour for those with special needs.

One reason art installation companies bounced back from the initial lockdown: Zoom meetings. "Customers on one Zoom call focused on their walls and what they look like and whatever was behind them," said David Kassel, the owner of Manhattan-based I Level.

Customers often turn to I Level for help grouping artwork or framed photos on a wall, either in a grid or free parlor-style arrangement, Kassel said. "They want all of these different things to look good together," he said, but they are intimidated by the idea of ​​doing the job themselves.

There were also unusual inquiries, for example from the young couple who wanted to hang a painting on the ceiling above their bed while they snuggled under the sheets underneath.

The company charges $ 295 per art dealer for two hours of work, then $ 95 for each additional hour.

Hotels and spas have been commissioning characteristic fragrances for years. Now homeowners can do the same.

These fragrances go beyond just smelling, says Yael Alkalay, founder and managing director of Red Flower, a New York-based company that makes personal care and household products from potent plant extracts and other plant-derived ingredients. The company believes that the natural scents of their products can improve your mood and help you work and sleep better.

Instead of an overall fragrance that covers the whole house or apartment, Ms. Alkalay recommends localized fragrances that are tailored to what is happening in different rooms and support it in conjunction with the finished products from Red Flower. For a home office, she could develop an oil that could be rubbed into a client's wooden desk. "We could create a combination of cedarwood, lemon balm, frankincense, and maybe even a little bit of citrus like grapefruit essential oil – it's so awakening," she said.


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